Catch Our Courses – New Evening Class For Beginners’ Level

Dear Students,
We are happy to announce the opening of a new evening class for beginners level.
The new beginners Hebrew Course will be held from 12/12/2021 for two evenings a week (Sunday and Tuesday) from 17:30-19:30 (Israel Time) for a total of 3 academic hours a week.
All our classes are held Online.

Our online Hebrew classes have been highly successful, with excellent feedback from all of our students.
Upon registration, you will be asked to take an entry exam in order to determine the student’s oral, reading and writing skills level.
The teacher will contact you and send you a link to a zoom lesson, a day before starting.

We would love it, if you would join us. Please Contact Us for registration and tuition fee information.

Learn Hebrew the personal way!

Please fill your details and we will be happy to answer all your questions:

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