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Our program is not the common indoors program you all may think of. The hub of our uniqueness is in the exposure to the Israeli culture, its diversity and colors throughout the text, songs, excursions, trips and lectures given in our courses.
Welcome to a whole new world of Hebrew!

Upon registration, an entry exam is held in order to identify the student’s oral, reading and writing skills.

The emphasis in our programs in on improving student’s level in all skills needed, in order to get around in the Israeli society. Once you are graduated you are more than prepared to live and enjoy Israel!

Classes are held in small groups, indoors and outdoors.

Our instructional methods were developed by a highly experienced staff, with vast experience in Hebrew instruction. Our team, made in its majority from former Ulpan Akiva Staff, is led by Frida Fisher, former director of Ulpan Akiva, and has years of experience in Hebrew instruction for kids, youth and adults.

Our special instruction techniques, combine extraordinary methods such as: theatre games, lectures, outdoors activities and much more! Hebrew is everywhere!

Our syllabus


Introduction to the alphabet, first steps in reading and writing. Basic conversation skills. Past and present tenses. Adjectives and propositions. Texts and basic vocabulary in topics such as: introduction, family, food, health, travel etc.


Future tenses. Passive verbs and its usage. Syntax: conditional and unconditional sentences. Texts about Places, history, locations etc. Vocabulary enrichment. Basic newspaper reading.


Verbs conjugation improvement. Syntax knowledge improvement: sentences type and Literature comprehension. Newspaper reading. Radio listening comprehension. Oral, reading and writing improvement.

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