Hebrew ulpan online! Why its popularity has sky rocketed.

Teaching just made a comeback as one of the great professions! Molding children’s minds, expanding adults’ horizons, passing down a treasure trove of information from master to student. I believe online learning has done just that, making teachers on-trend. After all when it comes to wanting information where else to find it but the world wide web? You can literally study anything from learning piano to studying Hebrew and you get experienced professional teaching you. Doesn’t everyone have their own Youtube channel lately?

Especially now in 2020 during the devastating Covid-19 Pandemic where teachers can switch their face-to-face jobs for an online version. Our world is more online than ever before. How did I not have the foresight to invest in Zoom?! I’m sure everyone is thinking that. Zoom has taken online learning from old school to cool school.

Having always wanted to study Hebrew and although I can talk conversationally, which I am very proud of after 4 years living in Israel, I knew I needed a better base. Having a very busy household with a bunch of kids and trying to keep up with a work-life balance, I couldn’t see how to fit in a few hours of learning in my local Ulpan. That’s why the online version was a great option.

My ulpan was able to offer me a customized program that I can add to it when I have more time but it was a good option for me, as I couldn’t tie myself into a full academic year to begin. The intensive ulpan study program was a major eye-opener. I learned all those small things that make one sound more fluent. One thing that was very useful, is the teacher pointing out my pronunciation of words in Hebrew and using the popular slang words.

Positives of studying in an online Ulpan:

  • Recorded material: The classes are all recorded and it is very useful to listen over if you missed something for example what the homework was! There were many times I could not attend; I was able to go over the full lecture when I had a chance.


  • Flexible hours and days: You can book private or group classes at times that suit your schedule. Options for classes during the day or night.


  • World view: Meet new people and study with students from all over the world. It’s like having a second family with common goals to you.


  • Age is only a number: We stereotypically think most people studying Hebrew have just left high school but this is not the case. The older generation often has more time and patience to take on improving their Hebrew skills. They are the ones that have the extra time to complete their homework after class finishes.


  • Study Hebrew with a native Israeli speaker: The intricacies and meanings of words in social conversational Hebrew language is very different from school-taught Hebrew. Did you know that? Hebrew is not a textbook language.


  • Levels: You can find a class that suits your level and goals!
    Are your goals to talk Hebrew and to learn Hebrew text?
    Or even if your Goal is to move to Israel, study and understand this phenomenal ancient language!


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