As well as our ongoing scheduled programs, we also create courses for individuals and small groups customized to their specific needs and requirements. Teaching methods are designed to adapt to each student's individual level and uses creative techniques to provide a professional and enjoyable learning experience. Courses can be held either in client's residence or workplace.​

Examples of our customized Hebrew courses are:


  • Hebrew for foreign diplomats and their families.
  • Further education courses for Hebrew teachers from Israel and abroad.
  • Hebrew for local hi-tech companies with a high number of non-native employees.
  • Special packages for Christian groups interested in learning Hebrew for studying the Old Testament.
  • Private tuition for individual tourists and new immigrants in their homes or hotel.
  • Custom courses for Immigrant welfare organizations.
  • Intensive two-day courses
  • We also offer Hebrew field trips, which combine language tuition with an enjoyable Israeli cultural experience.

Please contact us for further details, we will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs in Hebrew tuition.


We will be happy to provide you with a study course that suits you best, as well as an unforgettable learning experience where you will become immersed and enchanted with the Hebrew language and culture.