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What is your goal for studying with the Best Ulpan in Israel?

Have you heard of the 3 C’s of life? They are Choices, Chances and Changes. Leap into the unknown and follow these 3 C’s. It could be jumping in and learning a new language such as Hebrew or making a choice to expand your vocab and take a higher-level Hebrew class. What is your goal?

Aliyah to Israel is proven to be more successful with some knowledge of Hebrew. Nefesh B’Nefesh has given a fantastic list of resources to help on your Aliyah journey.

Is your reason to learn Hebrew to engage more with the Biblical texts you are reading at your synagogue or church. The root of a word, or in Hebrew “שורש” is used as a base to understand all words and small changes to the word can create many different but related meanings. We see a vast number of our students want to communicate with family, friends and loved ones. It is sad to have communication gaps that even basic Hebrew could bridge. Or is your reason to learn Hebrew to continue your studies inside Israel by attending Israeli universities. We know that being at the best ulpan in Israel can undoubtedly give you the boost to get your Hebrew ready for tertiary education.

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8 tools to learn Hebrew successfully

Let’s face it; online learning can be pretty dull. Yes, our classes take place online via Zoom, but we know how to shake, rattle and roll on your screen to ensure you’re engaged and learning.

  1. Listening to an authentic Hebrew speaker teach

Listening and understanding Hebrew is a skill on its own. Other accents do change the way the words are pronounced in Hebrew. To ensure that you are practicing and using the words correctly, a Hebrew speaker is a must. We recommend that Ulpan programs in Israel must use authentic Israelis to teach the words correctly.

  1. Repeating in Hebrew

Repeat, repeat, repeat is the best piece of Hebrew learning advice ulpan programs in Israel could give you. Don’t sit silently in Hebrew class! Repeat the words you learn again and again. Can you say them? Is your tongue twisted? Words such as Small – “קתנים” or Kat-ta-nim need to be practiced to sound right.

  1. Practice day-to-day Hebrew

It’s very fancy to know how to quote a line from Ben Gurion’s speech after he declared Israel’s independence. But it would be far more practical to wish someone happy holidays in Hebrew, ask the shop manager where the cheese counter is or read a newspaper easily. Day-to-day Hebrew is essential; you don’t need to learn the whole dictionary from the best ulpan in Israel, only the practical parts. It’s essential to establish this as a goal from day one.

  1. Online Break-out rooms

“We love that Ulpan classes will always have online and offline options”, said Frieda Fisher, Director of Ulpan Israeli. In order to engage, students use break-out rooms online. This means you are separated into groups and no longer with the teacher. This is the perfect opportunity to repeat and practice what you have learned. It’s time to talk and show off your Hebrew vocab with students at your level.

  1. Songs

Singing is the best way to learn new words in Hebrew. You pick your favorite song in Hebrew (of course!) and have the typed words with you. Students love practicing Hebrew this way and you can trick your brain into learning even more.

  1. Learning Jewish Culture

The best ulpan in Israel would need to add information about Jewish culture. Culture gives you an important background in understanding Jewish life and the kind of language used. For example, Israelis speak to the point. There are not as many niceties as in western culture. Ulpan programs must teach this info to create an enriching Israeli cultural experience for their students.

  1. Israeli slang

Following Israeli culture, slang is used as the everyday language in Israel. Biblical Hebrew uses the root of words but to truly understand street Hebrew, you need this in the best ulpan in Israel. How else will you understand the man in the shuk selling apples and oranges? Hebrew slang is not nice to have, it’s essential. Ulpan programs in Israel must add slang into their curriculum.

  1. Presentations and roll playing

Let’s test your knowledge, and what better way to do this than to present a topic of interest to you? It’s the behind-the-scenes work that will reinforce all that you have learned from ulpan programs in Israel. Roll playing online/ offline is fabulous to get your situational language flowing. Take a look at these beginner students’ roll playing after only a few weeks in ulpan. You will crack up laughing at the 2nd roll play of the waiter talking to the customer in the restaurant. 

Link here

Learning Hebrew online is here to stay

You no longer need to attend the best ulpan in Israel only when living in Israel. Hebrew learning is online to stay. This is great news. Online learning can fit into your schedule and time zone, which means learning when it is a good time for you. Are you retired and would like to participate in morning classes? Or maybe you are a student or working, so evening classes work better; many more options are available. Let the best ulpan in Israel keep you entertained, practicing and learning so that you can tick the 3 C’s off your to-do list.

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