First of all I'd like to say Thank you! to all the "Ulpan Israeli" team! You are the great professionals and wonderful people! I was happy to be with you during these months.
I really enjoyed studying and I was looking forward to each lesson. Thanks to Ulpan Israeli I found that studying new language can be fascinating and effective at the same time.
The material was given consequentially; the grammar was structured in a way that really helped me to understand it and to use actively. On the lessons we have not just followed one book, the teacher offered us a lot of materials from different sources, often with elements of entertainments: games, songs, discussions on up to date themes etc. And all that really works and leads to good results. Even difficult subjects are perceived rather easily. I believe that this is the sign of a very high professionalism and big experience of the teacher. Also what I appreciate and I am grateful to our teacher for is all the teacher's dedication, care and attention to each student.
The fact that the Ulpan is located on the territory of Academic College of Netanya also facilitates and motivates to the learning.

Talking about my achievements, I have now strong knowledge fundamental and good communication and writing skills. What is very important to me is that I am confident in my knowledge, because only a few months ago my first reaction was to say "I don't understand", now I can talk to people on the street, in public places, by the phone.

Yours sincerely,
Svetlana Pocelueva

When I started to study Hebrew at Ulpan Israeli, I didn't have big desires of leaning Hebrew at a high level. My goal was just to be able to speak with people in rather simple contexts, however the program offered a very professional, linguistical approach and already after a short while I realized that, Hebrew being a very logical language, grammatical understanding will pay off. Thanks to my teacher who explained the verb system in a very comprehensive way I soon made progress in my studies and, looking back on where I was a year ago, I didn't only learn a lot of new words and grammar, but most importantly new tools and ways of working with the language itself that will help me to improve now on my own.
The ulpan Israeli team consists of very motivated, experienced and committed teachers, all coming from a long tradition of ulpan-teaching. I appreciated their skills, not only in terms of linguistical knowledge but also when it comes to awareness of learning processes of the individual. The teachers as well as the director attached great importance to discipline in the classroom and took measurements to restore it if necessary.
It was a life changing experience for me to study at ulpan Israeli and I feel like I received a big present from this time, namely Hebrew on a level that I didn't even dream of before​.

Elisabeth Koppi

I really loved studying Hebrew with Ulpan Israeli and learned sooooo much! Osnat was an excellent teacher and I know that she really cares about her students and does her very best to help them understand. For me, I found that I not only learned hebrew but I also learned so much about Israel's history, culture, religion. It was such a great learning experience all around and Netanya is the best part of Israel to study!


Thank you very much for everything with Ulpan and all the help you gave to me.




Last class day of the year with this group! Very special group of people I got to study Hebrew with this year. Special thanks to our amazing teacher Talia and director of the school Frida. I enjoyed this year immensely! Bye for now till next year


Carmen Brill​